6,500-gallon wine tanker

We offer a fleet of multi-compartment food-grade edible liquid stainless steel trailers capable of hauling wine, juice, distilled spirits (High-Proof) and spring water, local and interstate. Our various truck/trailer combinations can create loads shell full with no air-space to keep your precious product fresh from load to unload.

Call us anytime to discuss your specific needs.

Tight on Space/Access?

Short on access into your winery? How about this truck & trailer combination shown above: Overall length of 41' gets you a 1,400/600/1,250 gallons, 3-compartment single trailer set-up.

Are you even shorter on access, shown above is a 2-axle Bobtail tanker with 2-compartments of: 1,100/1,00-gallons. This particular bobtail can also haul Distilled Spirits. We have other Bobtails in numerous configurations, call us!

Plenty of room for full-length semi's?

We have the largest selection of compartments available for your bulk wine transfers. Shown above is a 3-compartment full-length semi trailer with: 2,100/1,000/3,400-gallon capabilities, We also offer an insulated 4-compartment trailer. Please call us with your gallonage requirements, I'm sure we have a trailer to fit your needs