6,500-gallon wine tanker

We offer a fleet of multi-compartment food-grade edible liquid stainless steel trailers capable of hauling wine, juice, distilled spirits (High-Proof), and spring water, local and interstate. Our various truck/trailer combinations can create loads shell full with no air space to keep your precious product fresh from load to unload.

Call us anytime to discuss your specific needs.

Limited Space or Access Restrictions? No problem!

Short on access into your winery? How about this truck & trailer combination shown above: Overall length of 41' gets you a 1,400/600/1,250 gallons, 3-compartment single trailer set-up.

Are you even shorter on access, shown above is a 2-axle Bobtail tanker with 2-compartments of: 1,100/1,00-gallons. This particular bobtail can also haul Distilled Spirits. We have other Bobtails in numerous configurations, call us!

Plenty of room for Full-Length Semi Trailers?

We have the largest selection of compartments available for your bulk wine transfers. Shown above is a 3-compartment full-length semi-trailer with 2,100/1,000/3,400-gallon capabilities, We also offer an insulated 4-compartment trailer. Please call us with your gallonage requirements, I'm sure we have a trailer to fit your needs.